Combination Dance Perform at St Pancras International Station

Code is our newest dance work that explores the current progress and issues in the fight against cancer.

Recognising the growing numbers of people affected by cancer, Code provide’s insight into areas of pioneering medical research including ‘growth factors’, an area led by Professor Michael Seckl at Imperial College London. Whilst conveying this science through movement, Code reflects the importance of ongoing improvements in different types of cancer treatment and prognosis to those affected, and the hope they each hold.

Code was Combination Dance’s major project in 2013, created by Anne-Marie Smalldon, Artistic Director with research support from Imperial College London and Cancer Research UK.

Code was presented at five public locations in London in October and November 2013.

Films of Code in performance and the post-show discussion at the end of the tour are available to view in our Video Gallery.

If you’d like to support the researchers who inspired Code, text CODE75 then your amount £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Or give online:

All funds go to Cancer Research UK’s team at Imperial College into their research for new treatments for cancer.