Cloud: Meteoros

Films created by Luke Toddfrey

Cloud: Meteoros was the first sculpture to be unveiled for Terrace Wires at St Pancras International Station.

 It occupied the area and used the infrastructure from the Olympic Rings that were in place during 2011/12. Following a year of exhibition in the station, the clouds are were taken down in October 2013. The space is required to breathe, protecting it’s heritage, before it is replaced with a new commissioned art work.

To celebrate Cloud: Meteoros and art in St Pancras, we are presented a special commission on Tuesday 24 September 2013.

With shorter performance moments around the station and a longer performance on The Grand Terrace, upstairs in the view of the clouds, we spent the day captivating commuters and encouraging them to ‘look up’ and appreciate the great art works in the station.

Our short film of the day gives a snapshot. You can also view the full work in the 15-minute version here on our YouTube channel.

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